Telecom Tools - TDR Cable Fault Detector

TDR Cable Fault Detector

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The TDR44 is a handheld graphical TDR ( Time Domain Reflectometer) used for locating faults such as Short, Open, Joint, etc. and provide outputs in graph format which displays distance in metres / feet from equipment to the fault location.


  • Hand-held battery powered Time Domain Reflectometer
  • Maximum range up to 3 km
  • Innovative features make for a versatile test instrument that is easy to use
  • Faults such as Open, Short, splices, taps, water ingress and other more elusive impedance mismatches
  • Distance of Faults is measured in metres by principle of transmit and reflect of a pulsed signal
  • Clear high resolution LCD back-lit display with ability to operate down to –20’C
  • Variable Propagation Velocity Factor (PVF) 0.01-0.99
  • Accuracy 0.9%
  • Automatic varied of Pulsewidth
  • Lightweight 550g and durable in Fiberglass Nylon 6/6 case
  • Easy operation durable membrane switch
  • Auto power off and Low-Batt indicator