Telecom Tools - HYCOMM4 Telephone Butt Set

HYCOMM4 Telephone Butt Set

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The HYCOMM4 Telephone Butt Set is a Telephone Test Set with 2-way Speaker and Alerts. It is the ideal Test Set for Telephone line maintenance and includes call out and ring in. It also has an audible monitoring signal in the line and can detect a data signal, high DC voltage, etc.


  • Data detection including audible and LED alarms
  • Data lock override
  • 3 levels with high voltage detection with audible and LED alarms
  • Data safe high impedance monitoring
  • Touch’n Test : Re-connect and test several lines without pressing key
  • Two-way hands-free speakerphone
  • DSL Filter can off-hook without disrupting data services
  • DTMF Tone and pulse dialing
  • 12 number speed dial memory, last number redial , hook flash, pause and microphone mute
  • Speaker and Receiver adjustable volume in Talk and Monitor modes
  • DC Line voltage measuring
  • Polarity indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • High standard Testcord set with bed-of-nails and piercing pin clips
  • Weatherproof case IEC IP67