KE701 Telco-Cable Finder Kit

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EASYTEST & PROBE, allows technicians to find any kind of cable, wires or pairs contact-free rapidly. Faults such as permutations, misarranged configurations, reversed pairs, overdrafts, interruptions and other disturbances in the cable are detected. The cable finder kits are suitable for all types of cables such as power cables, telephone cables, bell wires, and all classes of data cables, coax cable, wire harnesses in motor vehicles and many others.


  • RJ11, RJ45 connectors & banana connectors with alligator clips
  • Continuity test with LED and tone signal
  • Data Port test with HUB-Blink function
  • ISDN signal detection with Probe
  • 500 V AC overvoltage protection

Digital Test & Trace Kit Includes Easytest KE720 with Overvoltage Protection up to 500 V AC, Data- Port-Test / Probe410 with ISDN Frequency Location and Solid belt pouch

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