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  • Netool.os. devices run a highly customized version of linux that we call Netool.OS. We built Netool.OS to be powerful, low energy consuming and upgradeable over the air.
  • AP AND CLIENT WIFI MODES. Ap mode for when WiFi is not available. Client WiFi mode to connect to your WiFi allows other users to connect and see test results.
  • SHARE DISCOVERED INFORMATION. Available via any text based app including text message, email, Evernote, Slack and more.
  • REMOTE VIEWING AND TESTING. Connect a number of devices to one or many via wifi, Ethernet port or the cloud.
  • APP. Get important information quickly with the app on your iOS or Android devices .
  • NETWORK MAPPING. Save discovered information to the's local database or upload it automatically to the cloud.
  • CONNECTIVITY TESTS. ICMP tests to the internet, local gateway and a custom IP.
  • PROTOCOL DETECTION. Netool detects information packed Ethernet protocols, analyzes them and displays them via the app.